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Enjoy riding your bike even more after a bike fit

“As far as upgrades go for you bike…… you could increase your performance no end and be more comfortable on your bike, enjoy your riding more and to me that’s well worth it” Quote from

You could be able to ride faster, for longer and in greater comfort if your body and bike are working in harmony. The bike fitter looks for the best fit between you and your bike assessing the contact points of your feet, saddle and hands and analysing the movement and position of your body in between these contact points.

You may be experiencing pain, numbness, pins and needles when riding your bike or as you finish a ride. Riding a bike should not cause these sensations. You could be more comfortable if you and your bike work together in harmony.  Your pain could be eliminated allowing you to ride further or for longer pain free.


Physiotherapy led physical assessment


Historically bike fitting was carried out by people in the bike sales industry. A detailed understanding of the movement of the human body and how it applies to the action of cycling is important. This allows us to assess you as an individual with your own movement patterns taken into consideration. Your Positive Pedalling bike fitter, Gill Arnett, has over 25 years experience as a physiotherapist and therefore has a good understanding of human movement.

Adjustments to the bike increase your comfort and efficiency and could increase your power output


Who benefits form a bike fit?

Anyone who rides a bike could potentially benefit whether they are an elite racer, a commuter, a leisure rider on any type of bike.

You may seek a bike fit if you have a specific issue that is niggling you as you ride. It can really ruin a ride if you are distracted by pain or irritation.  This could be chafing, knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain or pins and needles or numbness. These issues could lead to injury. One of the reasons to get a bike fit is to prevent injury from riding.

You may be training for a specific event such as a sportive ride and want to be more comfortable or more efficient. A bike fit can help you understand the relationship between your body and the bike.


How you should expect the fit to go

Once you have decided a bike fit is for you and booked an appointment you will receive a detailed questionnaire to complete. This is to assist in the interview part of the fit. The fit will last 2.5 – 3 hours

Interview – this is to help your fitter understand the kind of riding you do and any lifestyle or injury issues that may impact on the position that will best suit you on the bike.

Physical assessment – before getting onto the bike your physiotherapist bike fitter will go through a detailed physical assessment looking at your strength, ranges of movement and any limitations to movement.

Cleats – before getting onto the bike your fitter will look at your shoes and cleat positions

Analysis of riding – you will be asked to get onto the bike and ride without thinking too much about it; ride as you would normally. You will be assessed visually, and measurements will be taken. Video may be used to give you some feedback. Attention will be paid to anything that was highlighted in the questionnaire, interview, or physical assessment.

Adjustments – adjustments may be made to your foot position by moving cleats, adding shims or wedges, your saddle height and set back and your handlebar reach and stem angle.

Re-analysis of riding – you will be assessed in the new position. Even small adjustments can make a significant difference to comfort, efficiency, and power. They will also reduce the risk of injury from riding.

Recommendations – you will be offered recommendations of exercises that would improve your physical performance both on and off the bike.

Report – you will receive a report with the measurements of the bike and any components recommended to purchase e.g. saddle, stem etc. The report will include any exercises recommended to you by your physiotherapist fitter.

Cost £225

Future follow ups at £65 per hour

You will need to book another appointment if you want another bike assessing for you.

Please remember bike fitting is not a one off, it is an ongoing process. Your body changes and adapts to the stresses and exercises is is subject to and this will alter the interaction with your bike.

A bike fit is a ‘best fit’ and compromise of many factors and may take some getting used to. If something does not feel right after your fit and you have ridden a few times please call for a chat and book a review appointment if necessary.

To Book Please email Gill on [email protected]

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“We had such a good time in Ireland! I am so glad I got a fit beforehand, it was the most challenging but brilliant riding I’ve ever done. I can highly recommend Mizen Head and Healy’s Pass if you’ve never been round there, the most brilliant scenic climbs and of course descents! No niggles apart from what you’d expect after almost 300 miles and some intense climbing! I’ve never been able to stand up climb before, but I was doing so confidently on the trip which makes sense thinking about the increase in stability achieved, so another great result from the fit.”   Tamsin


“The bike fit was amazing. Believe it or not, I had no saddle pain at all. Obviously a few niggles started to appear but that was at about 90 miles in! ” Matty,  riding the Fred Whitton


I had been considering a bike fit for some time and was attracted to Positive Pedalling because of Gill’s physio background. Like many cyclists, I have a few legacy injuries and wanted them professionally considered as part of the fit. Having had my fitting session this afternoon, I am only too happy to recommend Positive Pedalling. The session lasted 2 1/2 hours and was thorough and precise. Gill firstly went through a clearly structured programme of physical assessment informed by the content of my pre-appointment questionnaire. This was followed by video analysis and measurement on the bike. The results of the fit were clearly explained and made sense to me. Overall, Gill’s professionalism and easy manner made me feel comfortable throughout and I believe the experience was highly beneficial. She even made an adaptation to my shoe there and then – it felt like I had an extra gear on the ride home!   Jonathan


I have just had an absolutely game changing experience with a bike fit by Gill. I have struggled for years with niggles and discomfort on the bike and tried many things to make myself more comfortable and efficient on my bike. I finally made the decision to go for a bike fit and I am so glad I did. Gill was simply outstanding making the entire experience flow, her knowledge and ability to explain made it such an educational and pleasurable experience. I was so excited to try out my new position and went on a ride I have done 100’s of times and no surprise achieved 12 Strava new pb’s and felt so much more powerful and efficient on the bike. I cannot recommend Gill high enough, don’t struggle on your own and go see Gill asap, I should have done this ages ago!  Craig 16.08.23