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Do you or someone you know suffer from aches, pains or difficulties doing every-day things? Poor posture and movement can have a big impact on your well-being.
Manual Handling legislation requires all employees to have adequate manual handling training which needs to be refreshed on a regular basis.

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3 months ago

Positive Positioning

today is #WorldAutismAwarenessDay People with Autism experience the world differently and often have heightened sensations of vision and hearing which they can struggle to process. Al little understanding goes a long way ... See MoreSee Less

Here at Positive Positioning we offer many services that can help individuals maintain their #independence & to support those who assist an individual i.e. family members or personal assistants

Stages of seating assessment:
•identify influential agendas
•agree goals with individuals & carers
•ask questions relevant to goals
•discuss & compromise
•perform an assessment

Read about the Positive Points of Seating in our most recent blog

If you require some #assistance to help you or a member of your family to maintain their #independence or more information regarding how to be assessed for prescription seating, contact us via the form on our website:

In order to achieve the specific goal, it is likely that some compromise will be necessary. A discussion should take place to answer questions on how best to achieve the #seating goal and reach the correct prescription for the individual.

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