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Do you or someone you know suffer from aches, pains or difficulties doing every-day things? Poor posture and movement can have a big impact on your well-being.
Manual Handling legislation requires all employees to have adequate manual handling training which needs to be refreshed on a regular basis.

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today is #WorldAutismAwarenessDay People with Autism experience the world differently and often have heightened sensations of vision and hearing which they can struggle to process. Al little understanding goes a long way ... See MoreSee Less

Ideally a large part of manual handling training should be practical so that trainees can practice the techniques to be used in the workplace.

Following #manualhandling training, trainees should be able to carry out risk assessments & therefore be able to identify task, load and environmental hazards, decide who may be harmed, evaluate risks, record findings, review and update

Manual Handling training is more than an employer’s box ticking exercise. Find out more in Positive Positioning’s new blog.

For more information on the #manualhandling training offered by Positive Positioning, have a look at our website:

I have a Physio student friend searching for part time or a few hours therapy assistant summer work in Leeds. Anyone able to help her please?

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