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Manual Handling

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Manual Handling

The training is delivered by Positive Positioning’s health care staff with over 15 years’ experience. The training is designed to be interactive and dynamic.

New Course dates

1st December 2015

This course 1 day Manual Handling of people course in Leeds is aimed at carers and therapists working with people who need assistance to move and transfer.

Theoretical and practical sessions provide a background and principals of safer handling. This includes spinal anatomy, common injuries and their causes, stable base and centre of gravity, controversial moves, risk assessment, assisting sit to stand, bed moves including in-bed systems, hoisting, case studies.

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Manual Handling Training is designed to:

  • prompt people to think about their own working environment and tasks,
  • to promote good practice
  • reduce the number of manual handling related work place incidents.

Positive Positioning will improve the skills and knowledge within your team and increase their confidence in carrying out manual handling tasks safely for all involved.

Training assumes that a suitable venue will be provided

 Course outline:

  • Legal issues of manual handling
  • Rights and responsibilities of employee and employer
  • Postural analysis
  • Ergonomics
  • Anatomy of the spine
  • Biomechanics
  • Practical element
  • Risk assessment

Manual Handling Training for Personal Assistants

Positive Positioning works closely with Leeds Centre for Integrated Living and Leeds Personal Health Budgets delivering high quality training to personal assistants in the place where they work.

  • Safe use of the equipment already in place
  • Techniques tailored to the types of manual handling carried out daily

Manual handling risk assessment

  •  Risk assessments of specific manual handling tasks in your work place for  individuals or groups of people
  •  Advice on how to minimise the risk for all concerned
  •  Liaison with representatives to try out specific equipment to carry out tasks  more safely

Safer Handling in Bariatrics

Positive Positioning ltd is please to offer a new course ‘Safer Handling in  Bariatrics’

The aim of this is enable to practitioner to carry out a risk assessment for the  bariatric person including identifying the most suitable equipment.

The course is an interactive discussion based learning experience with hands-on activities. It is designed to instil confidence in the participants in carrying out risk assessments in identifying the safer handling techniques for the people they support. it encourages people to take into consideration the secondary health issues often encountered by the bariatric population.