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How we Help you

The service I have received from Gill has been amazing. She is a very knowledgeable person and very caring and wants only best for the person she is helping. She shows compassion and strives to help improve a persons quality of life. I would highly recommend as she is brilliant at the job she does!

Demi from Oldham

When Louise Haigh (Stroke Co-ordinator) visited me she recommended Positive Positioning for some neuro-physiotherapy.

I spoke to Gill who was very helpful, and then to Jan, who said the treatment would be in my own home — this made all the difference to me

And what a difference it has all made!

Over the last 6 months I have been grateful for;

* Jan’s visits —- from the very start she has been professional, efficient, friendly, encouraging and totally reliable.

*Having a project to work on  —- for ages had felt ‘in limbo’, but having a plan of action led to motivation to do the exercises

* At first the exercises were hard  —  but I persevered, and was encouraged to realise I was improving.

*Along with this I was ‘stretched’ — by an increase in the number of repeats, more exercises, less holding on for support.

*Being honest about the things I found hard – this was temporarily simplified.

*A holistic approach   —  we talked about other things happening in my life, and worked on coping strategies

* I feel my confidence has improved  — and to a large extent that I have ‘got my life back’

* My posture has certainly improved  —  friends have commented on it.

In conclusion — it doesn’t all come to a sudden halt once the visits are over. I am now working on my ‘maintenance programme’ doing daily exercises to keep up the good work that Jan started.

* I shall be forever grateful for Jan’s amazing teaching, her explanations of reasons behind  everything, her good communication, her wide knowledge of physiotherapy, which was applied to my situation, and always with her positive outlook

MS of Leeds 2016

Gill is very approachable and immediately gives you the confidence to know that any problem with posture will be solved. Having Cerebral Palsy and therefore sitting in a powered wheelchair all the time, I was constantly leaning to one side. Gill visited me at home, did a thorough assessment and concluded that my pelvis needed more support. I now have a specially designed and purpose made pressure cushion. I sit more evenly which means more comfortably and I also have much less of a problem with pressure sores. Gill is happy to come back in the future and check that all is well. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone with a posture problem. She has made such a difference to my life

Chris Wainmann LLB

Following a stroke in Nov 2012 which resulted in the loss of use of my left side. I had the statutory ten weeks NHS physio.
Not wanting to regress, I went on-line to find a neuro physio.
Positive Positioning, Gill Arnett, had excellent reviews.
Having contacted Gill she has worked with me now for seventeen months with great improvement in my ability.
Gill also helped to obtain a stand aid which has been a great bonus.
I strongly recommend Gill Arnett as an excellent and very friendly professional.

Ian from Leeds

“Gill is not only a highly skilled and wonderfully caring physiotherapist but she is prepared to go the extra mile to meet the needs of her clients. Her intelligent contribution to my Mums care review meeting was invaluable”

Mr D

Thankyou so much for making a difference to our clients wellbeing. I Can honestly say that I have noticed a difference in the last two weeks, not only the service users looking and acting more healthy but our staff are in high spirits and getting a lot out of your sessions. You have really made a difference for the better and we look forward to the future of helping more of our clients to achieve a higher level of fitness and more durability in their joints.

Caroline Poskitt, Deputy Manager, Mental Health & Physical Impairment, Leeds Adult Social Care

Thanks again for very interesting day yesterday. I think we all learned something and your enthusiasm is quite infectious. I feel enthused!
Mary from Norfolk

explanations given to questions. Good use of different teaching aids and Gill’s enthusiasm made it all the more interesting to listen and contribute to
Mary from Norfolk

Thank you very much for an excellent, enjoyable and informative day!
Ros Wood lead physiotherapist adult learning disabilities Exeter