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Positive Points: What’s in a name?

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When I left the NHS to set up on my own, one of the biggest challenges for me was to decide on a name for my new venture. The name had to be relevant, appropriate and make sense for the company and the principles behind it.

After much deliberation, the name Positive Positioning was chosen. I feel the name works well as it covers the many facets of the company and the services and support we offer. As a name, it can have many meanings, just as the company can offer many different services.


One of the main elements of Positive Positioning’s company ethos is to be positive. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we all walk around with big smiles on our faces, rather that we have a positive attitude towards the work that we do.

When working with people with neurological difficulties and challenges it is important to present yourself with a “can do” attitude. As therapists and service providers, we should be encouraging people to push themselves and achieve agreed goals.

There is no space for negativity here.



Positioning refers to the many aspects of the work we undertake:

-In therapeutic terms it can refer to the posture of an individual whether in bed, in a seat or standing and walking. The position they are in has a profound effect on their abilities and what they can do for themselves.

-Our therapy is person-centred, which means that the individual being treated is at the centre of all treatment offered to them. When we train their carers, we always ensure the individual’s abilities and needs are at the forefront. This maintains the level of involvement for the individual and allows them to be enabled in each step of the process. The individual’s ownership of their own care is very important as it can help them retain independence as much as possible.

-We are problem solvers and position ourselves as such. We view challenges as opportunities to develop creative and innovative solutions that help individuals to achieve their potential.

-We believe that it is greatly beneficial for individuals to consider their position in the community in which they live. We encourage them to become more active and involved in the wider society as this can increase confidence in their abilities and offer more opportunities for them to develop their independence. We always discuss this with individuals as it must be something they want to do, otherwise it will not work in a positive way for them.


When I considered the many elements of Positive Positioning as a company and the many meanings of Positive Positioning as a name, it was apparent that one of our main aims was to offer as bespoke support to an individual as possible, taking account of their needs and requirements.

Each individual we work with will receive the support and treatment that is the most appropriate for them. We must be open minded in the way we work with them.

The strap line ‘Creative ideas for health and comfort’ reflects and describes our work ethic and goals as a company.

Our clients’ health and comfort are at the forefront of the treatment we provide. It is why we do what we do.