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Positive Points: The New Normal

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Positive Points: The New Normal

Over the past few months, we all seem to have developed a new vocabulary. Phrases such as ‘social distancing’, ‘shielding’ and ‘support bubble’ which would once have been received with uncertainty are now part of our everyday language.

However, this is only one of the effects of the COVID-19 crisis. As for many businesses the imposed lockdown has had a direct effect on Positive Positioning. The reality of the  aforementioned  phrases has meant we haven’t been able to maintain our usual level of interaction with our client group, most of whom are classed as vulnerable.

We work with a significant number of clients in the hydrotherapy pool. Unfortunately, this has not been open for many weeks, so we haven’t been able to offer this support.

Thankfully, the risk level is slowly receding. Lockdown measures are easing, and the country is starting to ‘open up’ again.

We are now able to start making and implementing plans for safely supporting our clients again. We are having to learn new ways of working, which includes purchasing equipment we have never previously needed.

It’s a steep learning curve!

Of course, we want to keep you updated as we head in to our new normal:


We now have a supply of face masks, aprons, gloves, more hand sanitiser than ever before and eye protection just in case.


Our first option for treatment will be virtual by video or telephone call.
Where required we will visit your home as previously, but you will notice a few differences: We will now wear facemasks, aprons, and gloves for all home visits.We will also ask any carers in the same room to wear a face covering and our clients too if it is appropriate.We will ask you to open windows and we will not sit down unless required for treatment.We will call you before visiting to reassure you that your therapist and their household do not have COVID 19 or any symptoms of it.

We will also go through a questionnaire with you to make sure you and your household do not have COVID 19 or any symptoms of it.



Hydrotherapy Pool

Unfortunately, we do not know when the hydrotherapy pool will reopen and how we can safely work in that environment to support people face to face. We will keep you informed of any news regarding the hydrotherapy pool.


Manual Handling Training

Our manual handling training for personal assistants is now available again. You will notice some differences in this too. We will now deliver the theory part of the training via zoom and conduct the practical side in the house with all the relevant precautions the same as treatment in the home.

So, this is our ‘new normal’. It may seem odd at first, but we know it is necessary to reduce risks and keep our staff and clients safe and well.

We are very much looking forward to supporting our clients again! If you are interested in any of our treatments and would like to find out more please get in touch.

If you would like to see a full copy of our risk assessment please feel free to ask us.