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Positive Points: The Customer Experience

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Following a few experiences both good and bad recently I was thinking about how the experience makes you feel towards the company. As I sit here, I am (yet again) waiting for British Gas to turn up. The thought process started when our hot water tank deposited its contents through the floor and the light fitting below. As a British Gas Home Care customer, we thought we had 24/7 cover as per their advert. To start with they did not have a phone number and all communication was online with a robot, an engineer was booked for 12 – 18:00 that day. An engineer eventually turned up at 23:30. We had found a phone number and again it was only communicating with an automated system where you could change or cancel the appointment. The saga has continued for over two weeks now and the new tank is installed but not working with the boiler, the awaited engineer is supposed to be sorting that out. The whole experience has not left me feeling very favourable to British Gas. They do not seem to value the customer and seem incapable of internal communication.

In total contrast I ordered a new radiator from Leeds Clearance Bathrooms. Someone answered the phone when I called the number on the website, the gentleman was very helpful. I ordered the radiator I wanted and he said it could be delivered the following day. This was exactly what I needed as the plumber was already booked. I received a phone call saying it was loaded into the van and expected delivery time was 13:30 to 14:30. It was delivered and brought into the house at 13:35!! This made me feel favourably towards the company and want to tell people about the good experience and I would use them again.

What is your experience with customers services?