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Positive Points: Reflections

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As Positive Positioning is 10 years old in December 2018 it is time to reflect on why I left a stable job in the NHS to set out into the unknown of private practice.

Although I loved working in the NHS Community Learning Disability Teams I was limited to treating someone for the condition they were referred for. I was not able to treat them as a whole person,  with all the associated challenges they presented with on assessment.

This became frustrating so after a long period of deliberation I took the plunge, left the NHS and began working as a private physiotherapist. This move meant that I was able to work with clients in a way that I find to be the most beneficial; to assess and treat the whole person.

It is my belief that when someone has movement difficulties the main priority is for them to be able to do as much as they can in their own home. Although I have access to one, I choose not to use a clinic. Instead I visit clients in their own homes at a time to suit them.

Additionally, there are two hydrotherapy pools in Leeds; these are situated in Armley and Holt Park Leisure Centres. Hydrotherapy is great for working on increasing a client’s range of abilities and function as well as for decreasing pain.

Future Positive Points blogs will explore treatment in your own home and hydrotherapy in more detail.

I would love to hear your thoughts on being seen and treated in your own home.  Why is this preferable to travelling to a clinic?

Alternatively; would you prefer to be seen in a clinic? If so why is this?

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