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A few years ago, I had some issues with my left thumb. I had started to experience a lot of pain in the joint at the base of my thumb and realised that it wasn’t functioning properly. This was an issue I had dealt with previously and in order to help I had been given thumb spica splints from the NHS. Unfortunately, they didn’t really help.

thumb spica splint

I knew exactly what I needed. Something that would hold the joint in a good position, reduce the pain and allow my hand to function better. After a lot of internet research, I found the Silver Ring Splint Company .

The Silver Ring Splint Company stood out to me as they have a wide range of hand splints and I was sure I would find what I needed in it.  The Silver Ring Splint Company is based in the USA, however, they ship to anywhere in the world as long as a therapist assessment has taken place. Being a physiotherapist, I was able to assess myself.

my thumb splint

I ordered a stable thumb splint with PVX When it arrived, it was perfect. Not only did it fit well, reduce pain and increase function, it also looked like a piece of jewellery! Bonus!


When I ordered my own splint, I also ordered the Silver Ring Splint Company’s special measuring kit. I use this to assess and measure other people for their splints.


Recently I met with a lady who needed some hand splints. She had used hand splints as treatment before, but the company she had dealt with no longer existed. She needed something to support the joint at the base of her right thumb and her left thumb joint.

We met for an assessment, discussed her requirements and, once agreed, sent the paperwork off to the USA.

After some correspondence back and forth we were able to agree on the best piece of equipment for her needs. She now has a bespoke thumb splint on her right hand and a spiral splint on her left thumb joint. She is very pleased with the splints as they increase her function and look good.

  Right spiral splint


Left thumb support splint

Whilst are very lucky that we have a facility like the NHS, we do sometimes have to look elsewhere for the best form of treatment for our own needs. By ordering from a company like Silver Ring Splint, both myself and my client have been able to acquire equipment best suited to our individual needs. At Positive Positioning we understand that each client has different and specific needs and always work with them with that in mind.