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With Christmas so near I was reminiscing about my favourite Christmas present as a child. It was the bike I received when I was around 9 years old. It was purple, and the feeling I got when riding it was amazing.

I cycled 31 miles on my adult size purple bike to York. I visited Get Cycling who have a totally inclusive ethos and believe that anyone should have the option of riding a bike regardless of any ability (or disability) To compliment this they have a range of innovative solutions to enable people.


The adaptations are many and varied. They include magnetic pedals to allow greater connection like a professional cyclist clipping their shoes into their pedals to, low step-through, various options on recumbent bikes and power assist. Here are a few examples with pictures.

Low step-through bike
Magnetic pedal






Low step-through with back rest supporting the users back and increasing the comfort of the sitting posture








Recumbent bikes are lower to the ground and are easier for some people to get on and off and to pedal. As feet can often slip backwards off the pedals when recumbent cycling a simple strap behind the heel can solve the problem.


This is one of my favourites, the ‘social’ tandem where two riders can sit side by side. It has so
many set up options to offer, such as greater seating
support and adapted pedals. The adaptation enables the option of both people being able
to pedal or for one to be able to take a rest.





Hand cycles allow people with limited or no use of their legs to enjoy the freedom of cycling.


The wheelchair on the bike pictured below can be attached or unhitched and used separately. This means it is a useful form of transport allowing the wheelchair users to experience the wind in their face

Of course, I couldn’t resist a try on a tricycle. It was harder than it looked! As a 2 wheeled bike rider getting the hang of 3 wheels was a challenge!


If you would like a chat about getting cycling please contact us at Positive Positioning. I am sure that working in collaboration with Get Cycling we can find a solution that works for you.