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Positive Points: Disabled Access Day Sat 16th March 2019

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Saturday 16th March 2019 is Disabled Access Day. The first ever Disabled Access Day was held in January 2015 and the idea behind it was to create opportunities for everyone to try something new in the spirit of safety, welcome and fun.

Many events will be held across the country to mark the day. For those local to Leeds, the nearest event will be held at the William Merritt Centre in Rodley, The William Merritt Centre offers advice & assessments to clients & professionals regarding equipment… read more

When thinking about Disabled Access we need to ensure it is not only wheelchair users that are considered as disability comes in many forms. Each form will manifest in a different way for the individual e.g. visual impairment, hearing impairment, learning disability. Due to this, each individual would face their own challenges with activities such as gaining access in different ways and need different assistance with access to venues and toilets.

Euansguide is a great resource in the form of an online directory, which gives details of all attractions and venues with a  Changing Places toilet. These toilets have enough space for a person in a wheelchair and their carers, as well as an adult size changing bed and a hoist. They are also available to hire in mobile form as I saw at the German Christmas Market in Leeds.