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Positive Points: COVID Vaccination

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As I am still doing the locum job in the NHS; see blog from 30th Oct 2020; ( I received an email saying I was eligible to book a vaccination appointment at the new mass vaccination centre in Leeds at Elland Road. I jumped at the chance and immediately followed the link to the booking website.

The process was simple, just complete the online form including personal details NHS number and book a time slot. 08:55 weds 27th Jan was my chosen time and I drove to Elland Road. I had to remember my staff ID, have the email confirmation ready to show people and of course wear my face mask.

There were many signs for the parking and many marshals in day glow orange smiling and directing people to the relevant parking spaces.

Once parked up there were more smiling marshals directing people to the correct entrance and giving advice on what to do next. After using the hand gel I was greeted at the door and had my ID and email confirmation checked. Once inside I was shown to a small booth to complete the relevant paperwork and confirm my identity. The next step was to have someone explain about the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine that I would receive. Once I had consented, I was shown to the vaccination space. The nurse introduced herself as Kate and asked if I was right or left-handed, she was confused as I said ambidextrous! I agreed to have the injection in my left arm and as she said “sharp scratch” she gave the injection. I received a small card confirming it had been done and was asked to sit in my car for 15 mins before driving to ensure no immediate adverse reaction.

The whole experience was very well organised, felt safe and friendly.

Two days later I have a mild ache in my arm but no other symptoms.

I would recommend that people take up their invitations to get vaccinated and hope their experiences are as smooth and easy as mine.