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Positive Points: COVID Keepers

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Positive Points: COVID Keepers

Channel 4’s The Last Leg coined the phrase COVID Keepers to describe habits started during the pandemic that have become very beneficial to us. COVID Keepers are those habits that we started over the course of the pandemic and would like to continue after life returns to ‘normal’.

After I heard the phrase, I decided to give it some thought: what have I started doing over the past 12 months that have served me well and that I would like to continue doing?

And these are my COVID Keepers:



I have started doing more yoga, especially before breakfast. It seems to really wake my body and mind and set me up for the day. I feel more productive and focused while feeling less stressed.


Video calls

Yes I know we are all zoomed out! But Zoom has allowed me to keep in contact with friends all over the country, and the world, better than ever before. I have learned the value of my friends and the time we spend together. Taking time to have a cup of coffee or glass of wine over a video call has proved a great way of spending time together. Even though we haven’t been able to meet up physically, we have been able to catch up virtually. As I have friends in Russia, New Zealand, France and spread out over the UK I feel our bonds of friendship have been strengthened using video calls.


Mindful cycling

I enjoy riding my bike but during the pandemic I have been taking more notice of the world around me. I have been listening to the birds which was great when there was so little traffic between March and June 2020. By taking more of a mindful approach to cycling, I have noticed the colours of the flowers more, the grass, tree blossoms, tree leaves and so much more. I have seen birds of prey being chased by gulls, lots of small hedgerow birds and owls on evening rides.

Please don’t misunderstand me – there are many things from this pandemic that I will be glad not to continue with. However, I do think that we also need to look at it from another perspective and look at what we have gained.

Life can throw funny things our way, it can be valuable to us, to our mental and physical health, to see that it is not all bad. There are things we can take from difficult situations to learn more about ourselves and the environment we live in.

We’ve all been through the pandemic; we’ve all experienced it in different ways and have all developed our own ways to keep going.

What has helped you and what habits will you continue with as we leave the restrictions behind us? I would love for you to get in touch and tell me what your COVID Keepers are.